How to export more than 500 rows in Google Analytics

It has been a long standing issue that it is not altogether apparent how you export more than 500 rows of data from Google Analytics.

The common method that people including ourselves was to alter the query parameters in the URL to visually display a greater number of results before clicking to export. The trouble here is if your browser has a number of tabs open and you try to display 10,000 results the you risk crashing the browser. This method is outlined in Google’s help page titled ‘Exporting and Emailing Reports’.

Please note that if you apply any advanced segments or alter the standard report past date this will still just export the original report.


Step 1 – Create Bookmark

Step 1 - Export more than 500 rows from Google Analytics


  1. Create a new bookmark in your Browser;
    • If you have your Bookmarks bar visible then you can probably right-click whilst hovering your mouse over the bar to bring up a menu allowing you to create a new bookmark.
  2. Name your bookmark something you’ll remember;
  3. Copy the code below in place of the URL;
javascript:function post_Smby(params){var form = document.createElement("form"); form.setAttribute("method","post"); form.setAttribute("action","exportReport"); for(var key in params){var hiddenField = document.createElement("input"); hiddenField.setAttribute("type","hidden"); hiddenField.setAttribute("name",key); hiddenField.setAttribute("value",params[key]); form.appendChild(hiddenField);} document.body.appendChild(form);form.submit();}var rowcount=prompt("Amount of rows (10-50000):","1000"); hashes=unescape(location.hash).split("/"); date0=hashes[3].substr(hashes[3].indexOf(".date00")+8,8); date1=hashes[3].substr(hashes[3].indexOf(".date01")+8,8); post_Smby({'_.date00':date0, '_.date01':date1, 'explorer-table.rowStart':'0', 'explorer-table.rowCount':rowcount+'', 'id':hashes[1], 'ds':hashes[2], 'ef':'CSV', 'exportUrl':location.href});


Step 2 – Export 500+ from Google Analytics

Step 2 - Export more than 500 rows from Google Analytics


  1. Navigate to the report you wish to export and select the appropriate date range;
  2. Click on your bookmark, a window will appear;
  3. Type how many rows you wish exported;
  4. Click OK and in a few moments you will have a CSV exported.


This has been tested on a PC using IE9, Chrome 19 & Firefox 10 – No guarantees


  1. Saquib
    May 16, 2014 - Reply

    I am unable to download 23000 rows. Please assist

    • Sumobaby
      May 16, 2014

      We can certainly try. Would you care to elaborate on the steps you’ve carried out and at which point you’re experiencing failure.

  2. kelltrill
    February 21, 2013 - Reply

    Hmm, scratch that. It seems to only export the immediate view without any alterations. In other words, only the Product metric, not any of the others.

    • Sumobaby
      February 21, 2013

      Yes, sorry about that. From experience thu