Mee & The Band

Recording artist Mee divides her time between composing and performing. A truly engaged creative with an interest in every aspect of music production, she wanted a website that would allow her to post her latest videos and shoots, and keep fans up-to-date with news and dates of upcoming shows.

Sumobaby designed her a mobile-responsive website that not only fulfilled all of her requirements but also captures her unique spirit.

Sumobaby was recommended by a friend. On the first consultation I was asked a lot of questions about my business. The team came back to me with a plan, explaining in layman’s terms what would work best for me and why. I really appreciated being informed and involved in the process.

In order to add videos, audio and artwork and keep the site up-to-date, we continue to work together and I communicate my needs and ideas as they arrive. They always have time to Skype and answer emails promptly. It makes the whole experience very relaxed.

I have always found Sumobaby very efficient in getting a task done, although never rushed, as quality is obviously as important to them as it is to me!

I’ve recommended Sumobaby to three other people who have all had the same experience and are grateful for the introduction. Over five years of working together and a couple of website rebuilds, Sumobaby has been an intrinsic and invaluable support to my business.

Alexandra Sawyer Hudson, singer/songwriter, Mee & The Band