Analytics & Insights

The internet is a fiercely competitive and constantly evolving marketplace. Your business must adapt to remain visible and fresh. Understanding and monitoring your website’s performance will lead to actionable insight – in other words, Sumobaby can help you to retain clients, attract new business or uncover the performance issues that are holding you back.

With our up-to-the-minute analytics knowledge, we can help you not only measure but understand your online performance. Whether it’s determining how your campaigns are performing, how visitors interact with your website, or following their user journey, we’ll help you to get the most out of web analytics.

Our tool of choice is Google Analytics. It’s free and used by more than 10 million websites worldwide. A standard set-up will measure traffic but Sumobaby can help you to choose from among its advanced features to target your specific business needs.

Sumobaby offers a wide range of analytics services, including:

  • Google Analytics account set up
  • Custom event tracking
  • Conversion analysis and optimisation
  • Data-led A/B testing of content and marketing landing pages
  • Custom spam referral filtering
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) and goal development
  • Insight, analysis and reporting
  • Paid search conversion tracking set up
  • Custom dashboards

Ghost traffic/Referral Spam

Have you recently seen a spike in traffic that you can’t explain? If your website is getting plenty of traffic, but you’re having problems converting these visits to sales, or if you’re spotting a discrepancy between site visitors and other signs of interest in your online business, you may have a problem with ghost traffic/referral spam.

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