Fix hacked websites

Malware removal and website security


People don’t tend to consider their online security needs until their website has been hacked. It’s difficult to overstate the damage a compromised website can do to a business. The best case scenario can often entail Google alerts or virus scanners warning away potential customers – a poor advertisement for an organisation. More serious attacks could also endanger client data and your products.

We can help you to recover quickly from an attack and get your business back up to speed.



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Website hack repair

Has your site already been hacked? Websites can be compromised long before the owners are aware. We can ascertain whether or not your website has been hacked, analyse the extent of the damage and advise you on the steps necessary to protect your data.

Peace of mind. It’s easy to panic when you realise someone else has access to your website – and difficult to know how to tackle the problem. There are a number of steps necessary to block someone already accessing your site and regain control. Before we carry out any work, we’ll ensure your site is backed up. Once all of your data and processes are perfectly safe, we will clean the website of malware and re-establish your business.

Removal from blacklists

Get your business back on track. Your website may be on a number of blacklists. After clearing your site of malware, we can ensure that it is removed from lists of dangerous sites to restore your customers’ confidence and return your traffic to normal levels.

Protect your website

Next steps: strengthening security. After cleaning and restoring your website, the next step is to toughen up security. Using current best practice, we can advise and implement a bespoke security solution for you.

CMS & plugin updates

Are you at risk? If you use a content management system like WordPress, Magento or Joomla, your risk of becoming a target is high.

Are you up to date? Do you know if you are using the latest versions of your software? Many hacked websites were using outdated software and plugins. Updates often contain patches for vulnerabilities that have been discovered. We can run a full software analysis to remove the weaknesses that hackers look for.

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