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Who we are.

Sumobaby is a collective of seasoned web and design professionals that predominantly met or grew up in London.

We were digital nomads before the Great Lockdown changed the way many people worked. We discovered back in 2010 that we could provide great services to individuals and businesses without being tied to one locality — or even one country.

Tomek, a second-generation Pole, spearheads our collective. He is now proudly based in Grantham, the town that educated Isaac Newton and the birthplace of the UK’s first female police officer, Edith Smith.

Why choose us.

We will take care of you.

We are great at what we do, and have years of experience behind us. We will always do right by our customers.

We never make grand promises we cannot keep, nor will we try to dazzle you with our achievements. We know that you need to feel comfortable about the decisions you make, and that often means going with your gut.

So get in touch with us. Find out whether working with Sumobaby feels right for you.

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Making success personal.

Driven by data, steered by instinct

Not all of our clients can afford to pay for on-going analysis or adjustments to their websites. Here at Sumobaby, we recognise that success isn’t always about the volume of visitors, inquiries or sales.

We will work with you to achieve your goals in a way that is meaningful for you, while also ensuring your business measures the data you want and need.

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It’s not all about design.

Your website can do so much more.

Appearance isn’t everything. A website is not just an advertisement for your business; it is an integral part of it. A well-designed website can attract new customers, inform you about their habits and requirements, and help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses.

We understand the power of giving your customers a positive web experience. We also know you will want to keep your hosting costs down and minimise helpdesk queries, so that you can focus on your business without distraction.

Sumobaby can also provide you with a wealth of information about how your business is running online. Are your campaigns effective? Why has your traffic plateaued? How can you grow your customer base?

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Changing ubiquitous paradigms.

Driven by data, steered by instinct

None of our clients care if we know or do SEM, PPC, SEO, SMM, SMO, OOP, MVC as it’s all BS to them; which is why all you need to know is that we do some stuff, whilst we don’t do other stuff.

Although we can’t entirely avoid using technical terminology, we will try and use the least possible.

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