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The Textile Recycling Association (TRA), a key player in the UK’s textile recycling industry, faced a significant challenge with its outdated website. Failing to reflect the dynamism and mission of TRA, the old site struggled with poor navigation, dated design, and lack of essential features like a member-exclusive area.

Recognising the need for a digital overhaul, the project aimed to transform the website into a modern, user-friendly platform that aligned with TRA’s leading role in promoting sustainable textile recycling practices and providing valuable resources to its members.

The redesign focused on enhancing user experience through intuitive navigation and mobile responsiveness, ensuring the website’s accessibility across various devices. The importance of fast load times was also paramount, reflecting the need for efficiency in today’s digital landscape.

A comprehensive migration and reorganisation of content were undertaken to not only preserve valuable information but also to make it more accessible and easier for the TRA team to manage and update, thereby reducing user errors.

A significant addition was the development of a secure, member-exclusive area. This new feature provided a digital library of AGM documents and exclusive offers and benefits, enriching the membership experience. It also streamlined the administrative process, allowing for the efficient management of member accounts – a vast improvement over the previous system that relied on a single shared password.

In line with TRA’s branding, the website’s design was reimagined to be clear and fresh, focusing on the effective communication of information without unnecessary visual distractions. This approach ensured that the design complemented the business logo and reinforced the TRA’s professional image.

Advanced SEO practices and analytics configurations were integrated to enhance the website’s online visibility and provide detailed insights into user engagement. Additionally, the public-facing directory of members was improved, offering enhanced search functionality and category filtering, making it easier for users to find specific members or services.

This comprehensive digital transformation was designed to not only address the immediate challenges but also to future-proof TRA’s online presence, ensuring that the website would continue to serve as a valuable resource for the textile recycling community, its members, and the wider public interested in sustainable practices.

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