Kirsty Mitchell

Kirsty Mitchell

Kirsty Mitchell is a British, multi-award-winning, fine art photographer. Her ‘Wonderland’ series of still photographs received global coverage, meaning her site has to cope with heavy traffic.

Sumobaby was approached to provide technical consultation, analytics and SEO advice to the in-house team rebuilding the website. Sumobaby tackled the complex styling and template matters that came up during the build, allowing smooth content creation and migration.

The new website underwent considerable performance optimisation, dropping the data transferred per user by over 100% to allow immeasurable speed improvement. The work will lead to thousands of pounds of savings in hosting bills over the next few years.

Sumobaby has helped myself and Kirsty create & maintain our website over the last few years. We have developed such a good relationship that I wouldn't consider using anyone else for my businesses.

The company is able to respond to all our requests efficiently and without delay. This has been especially crucial at times when website server breakdowns (through the fault of our provider, not Sumobaby) could potentially have cost us thousands of pounds in lost sales. Furthermore, Sumobaby has continually monitored our web server performance and eventually oversaw our migration to a new web server and email service. This was carried out flawlessly last year, and since then we have been problem-free.

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Kirsty Mitchell