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The Hippocratic Post

The Hippocratic Post is a newly-launched website featuring blogs and vlogs by a range of healthcare professionals. The target audience is medics and people working in health, but a growing number of savvy consumers are finding the site too. It’s a space where some of the world’s most eminent medical professionals can debate, discuss and air their opinions on topical medical and healthcare issues. Contributors include professors from Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, KCL and UCLA.

Sumobaby took concept designs and transformed them into a fully-functioning editorial blogging platform. Working closely with the editorial team during the build, Sumobaby was able to adjust aspects of the site according to editorial requirements, respond quickly to changes to the brief and offer solutions to issues of functionality as they arose. Equipped from the outset to cope with large volumes of traffic, the site launched well and swiftly increased in popularity with Sumobaby on-hand to troubleshoot and offer support.

Within three months of its launch, The Hippocratic Post was nominated for Website of the Year by the Medical Journalists’ Association.

I have been delighted to work with Sumobaby. They have proven themselves to be an invaluable asset to our prize-winning start-up.

As well as bringing their expertise on website building and design, they assisted with the development of the concept and helped to ensure that our product is targeted at the right market.

Sumobaby are dedicated and give 110%. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who wants assured professionals who set themselves the highest standards.

Thea Jourdan - founding director

The Hippocratic Post