HTML codes – Polish Special Characters

HTML codes are the ASCII representation of special characters for websites. They help browsers interpret what to display on your screen.

Beneath you’ll find a useful reference table if you’re building or managing a website in Polish.

DisplayFriendly CodeNumerical CodeDescription
ĄĄCapital A-cedille
ąąLowercase a-cedille
ĆĆCapital C-acute
ććLowercase c-acute
ĘĘCapital E-cedille
ęęLowercase e-cedille
ŁŁCapital L-bar
łłLowercase l-bar
ŃŃCapital N-acute
ńńLowercase n-acute
ÓÓÓCapital O-acute
óóóLowercase o-acute
ŚŚCapital S-acute
śśLowercase s-acute
ŹŹCapital Z-acute
źźLowercase z-acute
ŻŻCapital Z-dot
żżLowercase z-dot


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