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Energy Forecast branding

Energy Forecast website

If it wasn't obvious already from the image, Energy Forecast is an independent oil & gas consultancy. They re-branded and had Sumobaby build them a new website introducing their services.Branding & art direction provided by Marc Walker, a talented designer, we worked together with the client to meet all requirements for this mobile responsive website.Before this...

Sumobaby has rebranded

We've made time to apply what we do for our clients by re-branding and launching a brand spanking new mobile responsive website.It was a long arduous task rebranding and rebuilding the website. We consider ourselves very lucky with the clients we've worked with but working on our own stuff manifested all the worse traits we could...

What is happening with Destination URLs?

If you have an AdWords account, you may have received an email from Google recently entitled "Changes to your AdWords URL tracking".This change is in regard to the "Destination URL" - which is the URL of the page you direct the Ads to. So when someone clicks on your Ad, they are directed to the page...

Ellerdale property company is alive

Unlike Johnny 5 from the popular 80s film Short Circuit, the Ellerdale property company is not a sentient robot. None-the-less the business, primarily working for commercial properties has recently burst to life.Working with Ellerdale from conception we designed a brand that is fresh and modern whilst bold enough to catch people's attention on boards.Whilst the website, fully mobile...