October 2022 Google spam update

Google rolled out new spam update completed in less than 42 hours on October 21stIn comparison to the last spam update in November 2021 which took around 8 days this is pretty quick. Unlike the two-part spam update in June 2021 Google has not notified precisely what this update relates to.If you're experiecing a drop in...

Sumobaby Work Experience

My work experience at Sumobaby

Throughout this week (Monday 28th March – Friday 1st April) I have completed a work experience placement at Sumobaby, I have thoroughly enjoyed this placement as it has tested my knowledge in so many ways and opened my mind to the world of website development. Furthermore, this work experience placement has also allowed me to experience...

Google Analytics Universal

Google Analytics Universal will be sunset July 2023

If you're using Google Analytics on your website, it is very likily that it will be Google Analytics Universal. From 1st July 2023, no more traffic will be recorded in your Google Analytics Universal property.For at least 6 months after that, you’ll be able to access those reports. After which you'll lose all historical data...

Pirate MacBook

The truth about unloved websites

The truth about unloved websites Do you have or know someone with a website that was built over a year ago and has not been updated since? It may not be providing the best experience to customers, reducing in search engine visibility or most likely becoming at greater risk of being hacked.Many websites across the global consist...