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Tips to prepare for Google’s speed update

Google has announced this January an exciting change when it comes to their mobile search ranking. In essence, the idea is to use page speed as a major factor to determine both the organic ranking and the AdWords Quality Score.The good news is that you have until July 2018 to prepare for the upcoming change.Let's have...

How to take advantage of Google’s new meta title length

Since the beginning of December 2017 Google has officially extended the search engine result page (SERP) results to support meta descriptions up to 320 characters.On top of that Google has also made some changes when it comes to displaying snippets in search results.To avoid confusion, a "snippet" describes a page shown underneath the URL to help...

Time to secure all website traffic using HTTPS/SSL encryption

For many years only eCommerce website owners really made use of HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) encryption for their website. Strongly encouraged by search engines, browser manufacturers and public perception, there is now little reason to delay changing your website.To have a website using an encrypted connection you’ll need a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and...

Is your website mobile friendly?

Starting April 21st 2015 Google will begin rolling out a significant change to their algorithm that uses a website’s mobile friendliness as a much more important signal for search results. The day named Mobilegeddon in the media will see will see search results more tailored to the device the search is being performed on.Google has encouraged...

Bing & Google Disavow Links Tool

2012 was without question the year of Panda/Penguin, Google search algorithm updates. The Disavow link tool is in relation to the Penguin updates first released on April 24th 2012.In brief the Penguin updates look to tackle link spam in general which may include overly aggressive anchor text (internally and externally) and low quality links. What is a Disavow...