In the Limelight

Sumobaby took a new high street business and made it a notable online presence.

Limelight Movie Art stocks over 2,000 original film posters and lobby cards, for sale or rental.

Through its website, developed and designed by Sumobaby, Limelight now benefits from being able to display its full catalogue to the viewing public. Being able to display its wares to potential customers who are not able to visit the high street store is invaluable to a business catering to such a niche market.

Prospective buyers and collectors are not only able to view items in their fully restored states, but are also privy to a wealth of detailed information on each poster and card. This instant access to specific product information means customers have immediate access to details they would otherwise have to contact Limelight’s staff to acquire.

Furthermore, by cataloguing products by various fields and keywords, the website also enables the stock to be searched through systematically. Specific items may be located even when their title and/or issue date are unknown.