Five years of 12 Yard

Sumobaby has been managing the online presence of 12 Yard Productions since it’s conception five years ago.

During this period, the website has undergone two redesigns along with the development and release of two online general knowledge quizzes. A new general knowledge quiz based around the game show, Eggheads, is also due for imminent release.

12 Yard is currently one of the leading format creators and producers in the UK. Along with the success of their other projects, 12 Yard’s achievements have been recognised with the presentation of two awards for their productions ‘Without Prejudice?’, which won an International Emmy, and ‘Men Are Better Than Women?’, which earned itself a Rose D’or award.

Rather than being a content rich site, 12 is a website which focuses primarily on behind-the-scenes features. Sumobaby has designed and developed such applications; including a comprehensive database-managed contestant application form, as well as a secure subscription promo showreel which utilising Flash Video for cross-platform compatibility.