Is your website mobile friendly?

Is your website mobile friendly?

Starting April 21st 2015 Google will begin rolling out a significant change to their algorithm that uses a website’s mobile friendliness as a much more important signal for search results. The day named Mobilegeddon in the media will see will see search results more tailored to the device the search is being performed on.

Google has encouraged website owners to consider mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) for a number of years now. Back in November 2014 they introduced displaying a website’s mobile-friendliness in mobile search results and in recent weeks website owners using Google Webmaster tools may have been inundated with notifications around the topic.

The mobile friendly assessment is reportedly at page level so your entire website won’t suffer in the event that your website has some non mobile friendly pages.

With a growing trend for browsing the internet on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) many of our clients enjoy 60% of their users visiting their website using a mobile devices it has never been more important to consider your visitors user experience.

It is important to note what makes a mobile friendly website, below are the most important factors:

  • Mobile Responsiveness – whether your website layout adapts to changing mobile dimensions.
  • Playable Media – Adobe flash is the biggest culprit here. Many older video players will on only use Flash which is unsupported on mobile devices.
  • Slow Page Delivery – How quickly does your page load. There are steps to decrease the overall size and make your website run faster.*

*We’ve been a firm advocate of page speed optimisation for years and it’s great to see this playing such an important part. See how your page speed is ranked at – you’re really aiming for scores above 70%.

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