Time to secure all website traffic using HTTPS/SSL encryption

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For many years only eCommerce website owners really made use of HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) encryption for their website. Strongly encouraged by search engines, browser manufacturers and public perception, there is now little reason to delay changing your website.

To have a website using an encrypted connection you’ll need a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and for years this has been a little pricey for smaller businesses to consider without enough perceived benefits to make it worth it. The cost being in the yearly certificate fee(s) and the additional time to ensure all requests across the website reference only secure assets.

Having HTTPS on your website does not completely secure your website from hacking intrusions but it does dramatically cut down on the open vulnerabilities of the website. Perhaps as importantly it makes it safer for visitors of your website when using a shared or public network from sessions hijacking. This would provide a user full access to that website, which becomes worrying the website in questions holds personally identifiable information, billing details etc.

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To conclude, whatever the extent of the uplift in rank for search results or the obvious security benefits to website owners and those visiting your website what Sumobaby is beginning to see more of clients asking about having their website appear better more trustworthy due to the changes in how browsers handle non-secure websites.

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